Top 5 Portable Shelters For Your Car Or Truck

Portability holds a very important place in modern designs. There isn’t much that we can’t carry with us nowadays. Why should garages be any exception? Due to their lightweight and durable nature, portable shelters are becoming increasingly popular. You can use them as emergency shelter, storage, instant barn or garage, and many other things.

If you’ve decided to buy a portable garage for your car or truck, you’re in the right place. That’s where we come in. After significant research, talking to a number of owners, and taking their feedback, we’ve come up with a list of the best portable shelters for your car or truck that are available in the market right now.

If you don’t have the time to read through our entire article, we recommend you 30’W x 30’L x 15’H Round Style Portable Building by Rhino Shelter (Polar Edition). It has vast space, industry-grade durability, and UV protection cover. All of the features make it the best portable garage on our list.

Most portable garages have almost the same features. But no company makes them exactly alike. In our research, Rhino Shelters make the best portable garages in the market. To help you choose the right shelter, we’ve added some useful information that may come handy.

Best Portable Shelters for Your Car or Truck

1. 12’W x 20’L x 8’H – Round Style Portable Garage by Rhino Shelter

The 12’x20’x8′ round style instant garage is one of the most popular in the market. It’s a perfect garage for storing one car. Keeping your residential and commercial needs in mind, Rhino has made it available in 3 colors – green, grey and tan.

Like other Rhino Shelter products, it has galvanized steel frames that make them super strong. Effortless assembling capabilities make it easy to set up anywhere. It can also be used as extra equipment storage, outdoor animal shelter, playing space, tent, and many more.


  • Nominal Size: 12’ Wide x 20’ Long x 8’ High
  • Arches: Six (6) on 48” Spacing 1 5/8” Diameter Frame Members
  • Standard End Door Size: 10’ Width X 6′ High
  • Available Colors: Green, Gray, and Tan
  • Interiors: Bright White Only
  • Shipping Weight: 267 lbs. shipped in Two (2) boxes


UV Resistant Cover: It has an UV ray resistant and fire-retardant cover. So, your storage remains safe from UV rays and fire.

Heavy Duty Finish: Heavy-duty galvanized finish on all steel frame components for maximum strength & long life. It has an install time of 2 hours, with an easy bolt-together design. So, your car remains safe.

  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Good price point

2. 12’L x 24’W x 8’H – Rhino Shelter Instant Garage Round Style 

The 12 x 24 x 8 extended garage is a fine example of versatility. It includes vehicle storage, maintenance space as well as material storage. It has suitable space for one car or a small truck. The extra space is ideal for tools, and other additional vehicles such lawnmowers or bicycles.

The entire frame is created from galvanized steel. The body is made from UV resistant, fire retardant polyethylene. The extended length helps store any kind of long vehicle such as limousines or trucks.


  • Nominal Size: 12′ Wide x 24’ Long x 8′ High
  • Arches: Seven (7) on 48″ spacing 1-5/8″ diameter frame members
  • Door Size: 10′ wide x 6′ high double zipper door each end
  • Available Colors: Grey / Green
  • Interiors: White Only
  • Shipping Weight: 344 Lbs. in Two (2) boxes


Ease of Assembly: This pre-drilled heavy-duty all-steel frame can be assembled very easily with the help of minimal tools. So, you can rest assured and carry this garage anywhere.

Door on Both Ends: This instant garage comes with a double zipper door on both ends, so you can enter your car or truck from either side without having to move it.

  • Extended length
  • A lot of storage space
  • Solid color exterior

3. 30’W x 30’L x 15’H – Round Style Portable Building by Rhino Shelter (Polar Edition)

The 30x30x15 round style portable building is large and can store up to 3 cars, as well as serving the purpose of various outdoor work. This massive shelter can be used as an outdoor workshop, or a normal outside shelter or a tent, even.

The polar edition is better suggested by the majority of the market and is considered the best in our list. It’s industrial quality durability and vast space makes it the best in the market.


  • Product Size 30’ Wide x 30’ Long x 15’ High
  • Arches Seven (7) on 60” Spacing 2-3/8” diameter frame members
  •  Door Size 27’ Wide X 10’2″ High at edge triple zipper door each end
  • Available Colors Polar White
  • Interiors: Bright White Only
  • Shipping Weight 1190 lbs. shipped in Nine (9) boxes


Double Frame Option: This feature allows you to frame arches every two feet, which creates one of the most durable, weather-resistant shields available.

Industry Grade Cover: All the covers are made from CPAI-84 rated poly with woven backing, providing you a completely fire resistant and UV protected space.

  • Quick Assembly
  • Highly Expensive
  • Easy Bolt Together Design

4. 14’W x 30’L x 12’H – (Utility Building) by Rhino Shelter

The 14x30x12 portable building probably has the most versatility on our list. It can be used as a portable carport, utility building, pickup truck shelter, livestock shelter, and so much more.

The unusual gambrel shape provides for extra storage space along the sides and roof. The pre-drilled frames make assembly of the portable shelters super easy. It has a heavy-duty cover for lasting durability.


  • Nominal Size 14′ Wide x 30’ Long x 12′ High
  • Arches Seven (7) on 60″ spacing, 1-5/8″ diameter frame members
  • Door Size 12′ wide x 10′ height at the edge, a double zipper door each end
  • Available Colors: Gray / Green / Tan
  • Interiors: Bright White Only
  • Shipping Weight 460 Lbs.


Convenient Roll-Up Door: This roll-up door kit, along with a double zipper door makes for easy drive-thru access. So, it’s easier for you to enter the portable garage from either way.

Gambrel Shape: The gambrel shape provides more storage for your storage needs. It opens up more space in the sides and roof, which may be used for unconventional usage of the shelter.

  • UV treatment cover
  • Double zipper doors
  • Heavy-duty grommets on covers

5. 22x24x12 – Car House by Rhino Shelter

This heavy-duty, industrial-grade car house by Rhino Shelter is built to last. The heavy-duty galvanized structure is created in such a manner that it does not rust.

It has wind brace support on all 4 corners, making it durable under windy weather. It is a good space for 2 cars. Heavy-duty poly ropes and grommets make it very useful for outside usage.


  • Nominal Size     22’ Wide x 24’ Long x 12’ High
  • Arches Seven (7) on 48” Spacing 2-3/8” Frame Members
  • Door Size 20’ Width X 6’6″ Height
  • Available Colors: Green and Grey
  • All Interiors: White Only
  • Shipping Weight 789 lbs. shipped in Six (6) boxes


Heat Welded Seam Construction: All fabric components feature heat welded seam construction, so you’ll be very comfortable in cold weather.

2 Car Portability: Our 2-car portable garage can easily store 2 cars, which is a rather unique size for a portable garage. Most garages either feature spaces for 1 car or 3 cars. The usual features of Rhino make it durable and solid.

  • Outstanding quality
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fire retardant poly
  • Fabric backing


In this article, we’ve tried to suggest some of the best portable garages available in the market. We hope we’ve been helpful.

The market for portable garages has a lot of options. You’ll find many carports which will fulfill your needs as well.

We’ve tried to help you find some of the best portable shelters for your car or truck.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions. We are happy to help you find the right fit for you.