Top 5 Portable Shelters For Industrial Storage

Portable Shelters are a great way to add extra storage and shelter for residence or commercial job sites. They are very versatile. You can use them to add some storage space, a temporary shelter, instant barn, portable garage, temporary fabric building, and so much more.

If you are looking for industrial quality portable shelter for your company or job site, you have come to the right place. Buying a suitable portable shelter can be difficult as there are just too many choices in the market.

So, we’ve done our research, talked to some owners, took their feedback, and came up with a list of the best Industrial grade portable shelters you can buy right now.

If you are in a hurry, we recommend you to go for 30’ x 65’ x 15’ – Portable Building by Rhino Shelter. It has vast space, sliding doors, UV ray protective cover, and outstanding durability. All this makes it the best portable shelter on our list.

But choosing the right portable shelter is not a simple task. A lot of factors are directly related to choosing a suitable portable shelter. To help you in that regard, we’ve also added tons of other information to help you choose the right portable shelter for you.

Best Industrial Grade Portable Shelters

1. 30’ x 40’ x 15’ – Portable Building (Round Style) by Rhino Shelter

This portable building is suitable for industrial storage, multiple vehicle storage, or livestock shelter. Mechanical Crank operated doors on both front and back allows easy access to this portable building. The oval tubular-shaped galvanized steel frames provide superior structural strength over traditional circular ones.

The main cover is built from fire retardant material and protects your commercial goods and vehicles from UV rays. Ratchet-straps ensure the cover fit is tight. The wind braces on each corner of this portable shelter guarantee protection from any weather.


Nominal Dimensions: 30’ W x 40’ L x 15’ H

Arches: Eleven on 48” Spacing 238” diameter frame members

Door Size: 12’ W x 12’6” H with mechanical crank roll-up door at both ends

Shipping Weight: 2200 lbs.

Main Cover Fabric: CPAI-84 Fabric

Fabric Weight: 12 0z. per square meter

Anchors: Fourteen 36” Anchor (14 Augers included in the packaging)


Durability: The structure has 238″ galvanized steel frames that ensure superior structural integrity and strength to withstand any environment.

Fire Retardant Fabric: The main cover and door fabrics are made of fire-retardant material. So, your important business investment remains safe.

  • Ratchet-straps to keep the cover tight.
  • Mechanical crank-up doors
  • Oval Tubular frame design offers greater structural integrity

2. 30’ x 65’ x 15’ – Portable Shelter (Round Style) by Rhino Shelter

This shelter has mechanical crank doors for ease of access to the structure. The dual cover tension system enables this portable shelter to withstand harsh weather. On top of that, the assembly and dismantling of this shelter are effortless.

Like any other Rhino Shelter products, this one also has galvanized steel frames. All this makes it a very durable shelter that you can use as a commercial storage space, workstation, or instant barn house.


Nominal Dimensions: 30’ W x 65’ L x 15’ H

Arches: Seventeen on 48” Spacing

Door Size: 11′ W x 12’6″ H with edge mechanical crank roll-up doors

Shipping Weight: 3172 lbs.

Main Cover Fabric: CPAI-84 Fabric

Fabric Weight: 10 0z. per square yard

Anchors: Eighteen 36” Anchors (U-bolts and drive rod included in the packaging)


UV Ray Protection: The fabric of the main cover and the door is 10% UV treated that enables it to block the UV ray from the sun. So, your storage goods remain safe.

Mechanical Crank-Up Door: The mechanical crank door enables easy access to the shelter and provides great convenience.

  • Fire retardant main cover and door fabric
  • Mechanical crank up doors
  • UV ray protection

3. 40’ x 60’ x 18’ – Portable Building (Round Style) by Rhino Shelter

This domed truss structure is very popular in the industrial and agricultural sectors. The truss-style frame structure is the best in class in case of durability and strength. This shelter is mainly used as an instant barn house or to store large vehicles. The cover fabric ensures 100% UV ray protection.

The mechanical crank up doors, wind brace support, double cover tensioning system, and easy assembly and dismantling makes it a perfect portable building for any industrial job.


Nominal Dimensions: 40’ W x 65’ L x 18’ H

Arches: Seven on 68” Spacing 238” truss frame

Door Size: 12’ W x 15’ H with mechanical crank roll-up door design

Shipping Weight: 5000 lbs.

Main Cover Fabric: CPAI-84 Vinyl Fabric

Fabric Weight: 18 0z. per square yard

Anchors: Twenty-Two 36” Anchors (U-bolts & drive rod included)


Wind Protection: The wind braces on this portable shelter allow it to withstand strong wind and protect your stored goods.

Ease of Assembly and Dismantle: This shelter is designed in such a way, and the pre-drilled holes into the frames make it easy to set the shelter up or take it down when needed.

  • Mechanical crank roll-up door design
  • Pre-drilled holes on the frame
  • Bolt-together design

4. 65’ x 49’ x 26’ – Portable Building by Rhino Shelter

This portable shelter is the best and most expensive portable shelter from Rhino Shelter. No compromise was made with its design and materials. The galvanized steel frames offer maximum structural strength and durability. No matter what the environment, this structure will surely stand tall to protect your equipment.

The main cover and door fabric are made from fire retardant material. The 10% UV chemical treatment on the fabric allows 100% protection from UV rays. The Inner Black Scrim material of the cover blocks 100% sunlight.  Furthermore, it has a sliding door design that provides ease of access. The peaked truss design allows it to run off rain and snow. It also has wing flaps to withstand strong wind.


Nominal Dimensions: 65’ W x 49’ L x 26’ H

Arches: Nine on 73” Spacing 3” diameter frame members

Door Size: 39’ W x 13’ H with sliding doors

Shipping Weight: 16225 lbs.

Main Cover Fabric: UV Protected PVC Fabric

Fabric Weight: 18.1 0z. per square yard

Anchors: Twenty-nine 36” Anchor with eighty-eight steel pegs (U-bolts & drive rod included)


100% Sunlight Block: The inner Black Scrim material blocks 100% sunlight and keeps the inside of your portable building cool.

2 Years Warranty: Rhino Shelter provides its industry-best two years warranty for all its portable shelter components. You can also extend the warranty up to 5 years with some extra bucks.

  • Huge space
  • Can withstand in any environment
  • A sliding door provides greater convenience.
  • Two years warranty (Can be extended up to 5 years)
  • Low maintenance

5. 14’ x 42’ x 17’ –Portable Garage (Peak Style) by Rhino Shelter

This portable garage is the best budget-friendly option available in today’s market. It has a dimension of 14 feet width, 42 feet long, 12 feet height, and peak style frame. This makes it perfect for storing any vehicle, whether it is your RV, your car, or your product delivery truck or to store industrial goods.

This portable garage comes with two double zipper doors for easy access with drive-thru capabilities. The main cover and door fabrics are fire retardant. It has a roll-up door kit only for the front door. The galvanized steel frame provides superior durability and sustainability for longtime use.


Nominal Dimensions: 14’ W x 42’ L x 17’ H

Arches: Eleven on 48” Spacing 238” diameter frame members

Door Size: 12’ W x 14’6″ H with double zipper door each end

Shipping Weight: 1350 lbs.

Main Cover Fabric: UV Protected Fabric Backed Poly Material

Fabric Weight: 10 0z. per square yard

Anchors: Twenty-Two 36” Anchor (U-Bolts & Drive Rod included in the package)


Front Door Roll Up Door Kit: This instant garage is equipped with a roll-up door kit on its front door for easy access.

Heavy Duty Frame Components: The 238” thick galvanized steel frames offer superior strength and durability of the structure.

  • Inexpensive
  • Protects your vehicle and commercial goods from UV ray and fire hazard
  • Can be used for a different purpose


Industrial grade Portable shelters come in many shapes and sizes. They can be used for various reasons, such as storing your truck, personal vehicle, using it as your instant barn, or keeping your business goods safely.

Before buying yours, make sure you do proper research, learn about every single factor that can affect your choice.

All of these will help you decide which one will be the best industrial-grade portable shelter for you.

Please reach out if you have any questions or if you are ready to order. We hope our guide was helpful to you and best of luck.