Top 5 Portable Shelters For Farming

If you are looking for a low maintenance and portable Rhino shelter for farming, you’ll find this article most useful. To save you the trouble of hours of research, we did the digging for you. In this article, we’re going to list the best portable Rhino shelters for farming.

If you don’t have the time to read the whole article, we would suggest you go with Rhino Shelter  22’W × 24’L × 12’H house style shelter that offers you great livestock run-in space and excellent protection which makes it our number one pick.

But it’s better if you go through the whole article so that you can choose the one that best fits your specific needs.

1. Rhino Shelter 22x24x12 House Style Shelter

This House-style shelter is designed for livestock protection with great run-in space and top-notch ventilation. The shelter prevents waterlogging and also snow build-up. Assembling this shelter requires very little effort and simple tools.

The Rhino Shelter’s main cover is made with UV resistant and fire-retardant poly with CPAI-84 rated fabric-backing. All fabric components feature heat-welded seam construction and the external layers sandwich a Black Scrim layer, preventing sunlight infiltration.


Product Size                         22’W× 24’L× 12’H                           

Arches                                    Seven (7) on 48” spacing 2-3/8” galvanized frame members

Available colors                  Forest Green, Gray and Tan 

Anchors                                 Fourteen (14) 36” anchors with U-bolts & 36” Drive rod

Weight                                     10 Oz outer cover


Key features

Multiple uses: The Rhino shelter can be used not only as a livestock shelter but also as feed storage if equipped with a Rhino Floor kit. You can also store farming equipment and yard materials.

Portable garage: This shelter provides enough space to use it as a portable garage for your farming machinery. You can accommodate farm trucks or wagons easily.

Warranty: All Rhino Shelters come with a 2-year warranty. With an additional amount, the warranty can be extended up to 5 years.

  • Heavy-duty galvanized finish and steel frame
  • Easy bolt together design
  • Rigorous quality control and great functionality
  • Standard thread plated hardware kit with retaining

2. Rhino Shelter 14x24x10 Portable Garage

The Rhino Shelter 14x24x10 portable garage is the most unique one on this list with its rounded form. It is made with Rhino’s signature UV resistant triple-layered fabric that allows for 100% UV resistance. This keeps the shelter and the stuff stored inside protected from harmful UV rays.

The rounded structure minimizes snow build up. Instead of storing on the top the snow just slides off. As a result, the shelter stays up even in super snowy conditions.



Product Size                       14’W × 24’L× 10’H

Arches                                  Seven (7) on 48” Spacing 1-5/8” Frame members

Available color                  Green, Tan, Grey

Anchors                               Eight (8) 36” Anchors with U-bolts & Drive Rod Standard

Weight                                   10 Oz main cover


Key features

Rounded Structure: The rounded form of this shelter makes it the perfect choice for areas prone to heavy snowfall.

Galvanized Frame: The galvanized frame protects it from rust and corrosion allowing for great longevity.  

Warranty: Rhino Shelters offer a 2 -year free warranty, extending up to 5 years with additional charges. They also offer 30 days money-back policy after shipment.

  • Rounded form prevents snow buildup
  • UV protected covering
  • Heavy-duty poly ropes for the main cover
  • Galvanized frame

3. Rhino Shelter 12x20x8 Animal Run-In

If you’re looking for a comparatively smaller House-style animal run-in shelter, this Rhino Shelter is the best fit for you. Its main cover is CPAI-84 rated and manufactured using fire retardant, UV-resistant poly, woven backing & heat-welded seam.

The shelter provides a perfect amount of space for your livestock, also ensuring zero waterlogging and snow buildup. A special black scrim layer is sandwiched by two outer layers of the main cover to prevent sunlight infiltration.


Product Size                       12’W× 20’L×8’H

Arches                                  Six (6) on 48” spacing 1-5/8” frame members

Available color                  Green and Tan

Anchors                               Six (6) 36” Anchors with U-bolts & drive rod standard

Weight                                   10 Oz main cover

Key features

Heavy-duty Structural steel tubing: Rhino Shelters’ galvanized-steel tubing is the best choice for portable buildings. Be it for farming, garage, or storage, it provides maximum structural support.

Heavy-duty cover fabric: This shelter comes with an impressively strong fabric that requires very little maintenance. Its main cover comes with a 3 layered Anti-UV fabric to stop harmful UV rays from getting in.

Warranty: All Rhino Shelter products come with a 2-year warranty extended up to 5 years for extra charges. The company also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.

  • No cutting and drilling
  • UV-resistant and great ventilation
  • Heavy-duty grommets on the cover
  • Easy to assemble

4. Rhino Shelter 12x12x8 House Style Instant Garage

This is a multipurpose House-style Instant garage. It’s typically used for material & equipment storage. But its double-zipper doors on both ends provide easy accessibility.

It’s easy to assemble and the shelter comes with a UV-resistant, fire-retardant poly cover, and strong anchoring materials. Its 12’W× 12’L× 8’H dimensions provide enough space to store farming equipment and machinery or to use it as a storage unit.


Product Size                      12’W× 12’L× 8’H

Arches                                 Four (4) on 48” Spacing 1-5/8” Frame members

Available color                 Forest green and Gray

Anchors                              Four (4) 36” Anchor with U-bolts & Drive rod standard

Weight                                  10 Oz main cover


Key Features

Two double zipper doors: This shelter features 2 double zipper-doors for easy mobility and accessibility. These two doors also come with bottom pockets for variable users.

4 permanent anchors:  This shelter package includes 4 permanent anchors for strong assembly. It also includes ratchet straps for a drum-tight fit for your storage unit.

Warranty: Despite being mostly used as storage units or instant garages, these shelters come with a 2-year warranty. These products also offer 30 days money-back guarantee.

  • Wind braces support
  • Double zipper doors with bottom pockets
  • Pre-drilled frames
  • Heavy-duty poly ropes for the main cover tie-down

5. Rhino Shelter 12x12x8 House Style Storage Shed

The 12’W× 12’L× 8’H House-style storage shed is an excellent addition to any yard. It’s most popular as bike garages, storage shed and outdoor equipment storage shed. It’s outstanding for storage purposes or an instant garage.

This Rhino Shelter’s equipped with CPAI-84 Polyethylene fabric-backed cover and doors. This shed can be assembled in an hour in a variety of spots throughout your yard. It’s durable and easy to assemble.


Product Size                      12’W× 12’L× 8’H 

Arches                                 Four (4) on 48” Spacing 1-5/8” Frame members

Available color                 Forest green, Gray and Tan

Anchors                              Four (4) 36” Anchor with U-bolts & Drive rod standard

Weight                                  10 Oz main cover


Key features

Complete anchoring: The Rhino Shelter storage shed includes 4 permanent anchors ensuring a complete anchoring system. This provides strength to the structure to hold its shape on the ground.

Heavy-duty materials: The storage shed features protective plastic tube end caps, heavy-duty poly ropes for the main cover tie-down, and grommets on covers and doors for a tight fit.

Two double zipper doors: This storage shed comes with two double zipper doors.

  • Double zipper doors
  • Top-notch durability
  • Pre-drilled structure
  • Comes with ventilation kit


Now that you’ve gone through the whole article, choosing the best Rhino shelter for farming should be easier for you.

Please contact us today with any questions or to order your own shelter!

Hope this article was helpful to you. Happy Farming!