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Like most Rhino Shelter Dealers I started in the Instant Garages and Portable Shelters business after being a satisfied customer for over ten years. I have a strong interest in offering quality products to my customers and from experience, I know this product is by far the best value for the money.

Because of that, I jumped at the opportunity to become a stocking dealer selling over two hundred Instant Garages and Portable Shelters the first year and offering professional installation as well. The business has now grown into a family affair with my wife and I doing home shows and fairs, my father, sons, and uncle handling the installs.

The goal at Paul’s Instant Garages and Portable Shelters is to help you purchase the right Instant Garage and Portable Shelter for your needs, have it in stock at the best possible price and if needed do a great job installing it for you. We can ship it to you anywhere in the states or if you live in New England and New York, save the shipping charges and pick it up here.

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