Cable Earth Anchors

Rhino Shelter specializes in high-quality tension fabric buildings that are used for a broad variety of applications from portable garages to temporary emergency shelters to additional job site work canopies. Cable Earth Anchor’s, are made to save time and make securing a portable shelter to the ground a simple process; they are driven into the ground and work like a toggle to bolt into the soil.

There is no need for pre-drilled holes or concrete making Earth Cable Anchors an environmentally safe alternative to standard anchors. Once the head of a Cable Earth Anchor is driven into the ground one simply pulls upward on the cable anchor which creates tension on the head and rotates it into a perpendicular “anchor lock” position in undisturbed soil. The result is superb holding capacities. Cable Earth Anchor systems offer the most effective, lightweight and economical solutions to any anchoring application, large or small.

Proper Installation of Cable Anchors

1. Drive Anchor to Desired Depth: Cable Earth Anchors are driven into the soil using a hammer and thirty-six-inch drive rod. As the anchor is being driven, it is actually compacting the soil around the anchor head. Rhino Shelter includes the drive rod for your convenience.

2. Setting Anchor’s in the Soil: To set the anchor in normal soil, wrap the wire rope around the drive rod or insert the rod through the loop in wire rope and pull upward a distance slightly longer than the length of the anchor body. The upward pull on the wire rope rotates the anchor into a perpendicular anchor locking position in undisturbed soil.