Fabric Specifications

10 oz. per square yard / 12 oz. per square meter fabric with Inner Black Scrim

Rhino Shelter’s cover fabric is unmatchable against other manufacturer’s materials. Rhino Shelter uses an impressively strong fabric membrane that requires minimal maintenance. The material is a triple stack weave that has unmatched strength-to-weight ratios. All Rhino Shelter covers are made with 10 oz. per square yard material.

We measure our fabric in yards but in meters, our fabric comes out to be 12 oz. per square meter. Rhino Shelter fabric can be found on any Rhino Shelter portable shelter. All Rhino Shelter fabric membranes feature a bright white underside that allows for maximum interior light. This makes for a pleasant, bright atmosphere inside the portable shelter.


Most important, ALL Rhino Shelter instant garages have a special layer in between the outer and inner layers called an Inner Black Scrim. The Inner Black Scrim has a coating that blocks 100% sunlight from penetrating through the material. The UV rays from the sun are very harmful to the material and the Inner Black Scrim helps to extend the life of our covers beyond those of our competitors!

Along with protecting the cover, this also provides for cooler temperatures inside the portable shelter during the warmer months of the year. All Rhino Shelter cover fabric is infused with a special chemical inside and outside to protect it against the sun’s harmful UV Rays. This special chemical not only coats the outer fabric for protection against UV Rays but also makes the material waterproof as well as giving it protection against scuffs to preserve the outside appearance.

Rhino Shelter heat welds all seams to go up and over the width of the portable shelter This gives the material a drum tight fit over the frame of the portable shelter. This welding technique also adds strength to the cover’s weight ratio. The fabric will stay tight and secure on the frame and will not only give it a cleaner look but also help the cover to last longer. We can proudly say that our covers are wrinkle-free.

Rhino Shelter instant garages are also used for temporary workshops. Many people use heaters inside to heat the portable shelters during the winter months. To this end, we also treat our fabric with a chemical that makes Rhino Shelter covers fire retardant to meet even the California building code CPIA-84. This is used on the end panels as well as the main cover.

A fire retardant material is just one more way we separate our covers against other manufacturers. Important Rhino Shelter Cover Material Specifications: 10 oz. Per Square Yard / 12 oz. Per Square Meter Fabric Weight 1% UV Chemical Treatment. Triple Stack Weave Provides Unmatched Strength Multiple Color Choices: Including Hunter Green, Gray, Tan Inner Black Scrim Material Which Blocks 100% UV Rays Material is made of a Rip-Stop-Poly That Prevents Any Rips That Occur From Expanding White Interior for Light Reflection Our Material is Fire Resistant and Meets the California Building Code CPIA-84 Material Will Self-Extinguish if the Source of the Flame is Removed Rhino Shelter uses T-100 Welding Machines by Miller Weldmaster to heat weld our covers.

Reinforced Rope Above Grommets are Heat-welded to Prevent Grommets from Pulling Allowing Our Fabric to Stay Tight for a Longer Life and Cleaner Look Special Coating on the Outside to Provide UV Protection, Waterproofing, and Scuff Protection to Preserve Appearance 2 Year Warranty (No Prorating)